Welcome to our community page!

Here you will some of our designs release for free community use and community submitted photos and videos.  Please contact us if you wish you have your photos or videos featured here. 

Public Use Design Files:

Quantum Fireball TM Hard Drive Lid STL
Description: This file is for a custom top shell for the Quantum Fireball TM SCSI series hard drive.  This coincided with the MacEffects Macintosh SE/30 Clear Case design project.  When printed with a transparent material and used with a MacEffects clear case you can see the insides of the hard drive in action! 

Community Submissions:

 Chris Torrence Video Install:

 JDW's Video Review:

Compgeke's Macintosh SE/30 Rev A vs Rev B Comparison (68kmla):

Error1's Macintosh SE/30 (68kmla):


 Joethezombie's Macintosh SE/30 w/ 50mhz PowerCache and Grayscale Xceed (68kmla):

ktkm's Macintosh SE/30 Rev B (68kmla):