Stealth Apple IIe to IIgs Conversion Kit

Stealth Apple IIe to IIgs Conversion Kit

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Originally offered by Apple as a kit in the late 1980s, now you can have a similar kit for a fraction of the price as an original.  This kit allows you to convert your existing Apple IIe to a IIgs.  This requires the user to source a ROM 00 or ROM 01 IIgs logic board, keyboard, and power supply. 

This kit includes:

  • Apple IIe to IIgs metal base plate (tan)
  • Refurbished Apple IIgs logos for the IIe case
  • Injection molded tabs required to Mount the IIgs board to the base plate 
  • Power supply connector (requires soldering unless pre-installed)
  • Keyboard connector (requires soldering unless pre-installed)
  • Metal speaker retainer clips
  • Tan 3m rubber feet
  • Nickel plated die cast speed nuts to mount base plate to plastic case
  • Screws to secure logic board and case

This kit is compatible with original Apple IIe cases or MacEffects clear cases.  No plastic case is included.